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At Dr. Kernstock’s, we don’t just do dentures. We do beautiful dentures!

They look so real that from a conversational distance, even a dentist could not tell they are not.

Dr. Kernstock especially enjoys providing this service, because it really helps people. When you are so unfortunate that you lose all your teeth, you yearn to have something comfortable, functional, and good-looking, so that you feel as nearly whole again as you can.

Bay City Dentures

Our Secret for Beautiful Bay City Dentures

Making dentures is a team effort. Our team works directly with you, in taking impressions, consulting to determine the proper smile design, and supervise all the rest of the work. But a lot of the ultimate beauty of the finished product depends on the laboratory technician. And we have a great laboratory technician that we have worked with for many years who can produce an absolutely beautiful finished product.

Dental Implants Stabilize Dentures

Sadly, many patients report difficulties with their dentures. Even the best-fitting dentures will move around because they rest on movable gum tissue. Your chewing efficiency can be reduced and discomfort can cause painful sores.

Another serious concern is facial collapse. What happens when you are missing all your teeth is that your body recognizes that the bone is no longer needed. So, the minerals are resorbed to be used in other areas of the body.

The good news is that dental implants can be used to secure a denture. The dental implant is surgically implanted into your jawbone and the denture is then anchored in place. You will be able to eat, talk, and go about your daily life with a newfound confidence. Most importantly, dental implants prevent facial collapse. There are many ways that dental implants can be used to secure your denture.

Partial Dentures


A removable partial denture is often the most affordable way to replace missing teeth. To the left is a picture of a partial denture. The teeth are set in a pink acrylic that looks like the gums.

The most durable choice is a framework that is made of metal, like the one shown. It is custom-made to fit your teeth and the shape of your jawbone exactly, and it clasps securely to your existing teeth, but not so tightly that it can’t be removed.

The nicest way to replace missing teeth is with dental implants. They feel and function just like your own teeth. There are two main components to the dental implant procedure, the surgical and the restorative. Budget can be a major deciding factor when determining how to resolve missing teeth. Depending on your specific case, the much more affordable mini implants could be an option or we may be able to limit the number of implants used.

But if dental implants can’t be made to fit within your budget, a partial like the one shown will protect your remaining teeth from drifting and being damaged, and will give you excellent comfort and function for many years.

Options for Esthetic Partial Dentures

Valplast-partial denture

If the metal clasps would be in a position that they would show, there are ways to keep them hidden with precision attachment partials. There are also new flexible acrylic partials, such as the Valplast restoration pictured at the right. The pink, semi-translucent acrylic disappears in your mouth and makes it nearly impossible for others to tell that you are wearing replacement teeth.

When you do have a removable partial denture, it is important that you keep your remaining teeth well-maintained. Find a private place to remove the partial and clean your teeth after each time you eat. And be sure to visit your dentist regularly to have your precious remaining teeth checked to be able to intercept any problems while they are small.

If you are missing teeth, we’d be happy to see you to determine the solution that is best for you. Give us a call at 989-893-4381 for new patients, or simply click the link to our make an appointment page.

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