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Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning appointment

Here at Dr. Kernstock's practice you will get a thorough and gentle cleaning of your teeth by a registered dental hygienist. But we like to go beyond that. We also take the time to help you develop proper home care techniques.

We will also make suggestions for important preventive measures such as dental sealants to prevent decay, or nightguards to protect against TMJ disorders.

We also check carefully for signs of gum disease. Many people don’t realize that this is the primary cause of tooth loss and that it is very preventable. If we see bone loss or pockets developing, we will often recommend a deep cleaning and possibly more frequent cleaning appointments. These methods are very effective in preventing tooth loss. 

brushing your teeth is a part of good oral hygiene

When you come in to get your teeth cleaning, we will advise you on any problem areas you have and coach you on home care techniques.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is recommended. Most people do that. But another key factor in preventing dental disease is flossing at least once a day.

Flossing is an Important Ingredient of Good Oral Hygiene

Flossing technique

To floss, slip the floss between the teeth. Then press it up under the gum gently, and wrap it around the tooth. Scrape the floss away from the gum to clean your tooth.

When people lose their teeth, most often it is from gum disease. And the most serious gum disease trouble spots are usually between the teeth. So it is especially important to keep those areas clean. Your at home oral hygiene practices needs to include flossing.

Tooth decay often also starts right at the spot where to adjacent teeth touch. It’s a hiding place for bacteria if you aren’t flossing. Simply flossing once a day will greatly increase your chances of having a perfect checkup.

With a good flossing technique, you will scrape the tooth from just under the gumline, where the tooth attaches to the gum, all the way up the side of the tooth. Wrap the floss around the tooth somewhat so that you cover as much tooth area as possible with the floss.

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